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Michael E. Sullivan
10 March 1968
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I'm still a usenetter at heart, and I use this journal mostly to comment elsewhere. The journal itself is just random personal blog bits. You may know me from soc.singles.*, rec.games.backgammon, rec.games.go, rec.gambling.poker, or as a commenter on a dozen odd libertarian[*] or liberal philosophy/politics blogs.

One of these days RealSoonNow[tm] I'll get over my crabbiness at the livejournal interface and start posting journal entries more than once a month and maybe try to fashion something of an lj identity for those who don't know me from usenet.

Just to complete the curmudgeon circle, I shall note here that I haven't posted any friends-locked entries and don't expect to start even if I get to writing on this journal frequently.

[*] While libertarian is, in some ways, the closest descriptor of my politics, I refuse to identify as such for what I consider obvious reasons. I'm just not up to taking the label (back?) from so many privilege-blind rich young white men who like to circle jerk about how hard it is to pay taxes.

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